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Linda Jencson

High-Minded Entertainment, Presentations & Workshops

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High-Minded Entertainment, Presentations & Workshops

Educational Tourism at It's Very Best--Bringing the World to the Tourist, instead of Sending the Tourist to the World!


Could stone age peoples devise advanced engineering methods to build artificial islands?


Have you ever wondered who built the ancient mounds that dot the Eastern United States? 


What is the Harry Potter craze really all about?


Is Voodoo a real religion?


What happened in the Watauga mountains during the Civil War?


Why are there so many accents and dialects in the United States?


Are crises like Katrina in New Orleans  inevitable?



Some of the Programs 


Popular Culture

     *What’s It All About, Harry Potter?

     *The Changing Ethos of American Film and Television

     *Buffy the Vampire Slayer: More than Entertainment 

     *Enchanting Oz: the Wizard and the Tarot Deck

     *How Superman Led to Civil Rights: the Power of Comics


General Anthropology

    *Stone Age Economics

     *Voodoo: an Adapting Religion

     *Uff-da! Regional US Dialects

     *Wicca, Neopagans, & Space Age Shamans: Cult in Cultural Context

     *The Real Transylvania

     *Mysterious Pohnpei

     *A World of Family Values


Mountain Region

  *Keith and Melinda Blaylock: Civil War Robinhoods of the High Country

  *Watauga in Crisis: the Great Flood of 1940


Native Americans

     *Hollywood Indians: from Stereotype to Artistic Control

     *Powwow Etiquette

     *The Mound Builder Mystery

     *Tribal Politics

     *Indians for Writers: Don’t Stereotype—Research!

     *Religion of the Buffalo Hunters


Disaster Studies: “Be prepared” for Drama and Heroism

     *The City that Survived: Response in the Red River Valley Flood of 1997

     *Watauga in Crisis: the Great Flood of 1940


Basic programs all last an hour, with time for your questions at the end.



Audience Participation workshops are educational adult and teen play events where the audience becomes the show!


     *Crash Course in Art History  

combines slides, lectures and hands-on artistic creations by participants: includes the styles of Ancient Egypt, the Gothic Era, and the Impressionists.  Allow 6 hours, or three 2 hour sessions.  Leave your “disciplined training” at the door, and learn to make art and express yourself through playful imagination!


     *Cheyenne Murder Mystery

starts with a colorful lecture on Cheyenne tribal organization, followed by assignment of roles to participants which will transform them into members of a historic Cheyenne band.  A tragic murder has been committed and it is up to the tribe to use their detective skills and tribal associations to find the murderer.  But it must all be done in proper Cheyenne etiquette!  Allow 4 1/2 hours, ideally a 1 1/2 hour lecture and a 3 hour sleuthing session.


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